In May, Kin and Isaiah left on a summer-long outing in order to help the latter kick his opiate addiction. Initially, there wasn’t much more of a plan than “get out of LA” and “get into the wilderness,” but as the weeks progressed, their travels turned into Drone Recovery. They purchased a drone and set about documenting their hikes.

You can read more about it on the Drone Recovery website. Kin wrote journal entries along the way, and there’s lots of drone video footage.

In addition to the Drone Recovery website, you can find the photos from the various hikes on Flickr. Here's a selection:

Baby foot Lake, May 2016

Kerby Peak, May 2016

Limestone Rock, May 2016

Bolan Lake, June 2016

Frog Pond Trail, June 2016

Kin and I are continuing to travel and film, and if we have the drone with us, we are posting as Drone Recovery. The project has become quite a bit more than what’s (far too often) a very simplified notion of “recovery” from drug addiction. The name Drone Recovery contains enough wiggle room for us to think critically and imaginatively about our relationship to technology and to society and to work and to pleasure.



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