Kin and I got back from a road trip yesterday afternoon – one month traveling up then down the west coast, from Hermosa Beach, California to Nanaimo, British Columbia.

The trip was meant to provide us some closure to a lot of personal and professional trials of late, least of which being the Drone Recovery work Kin undertook this spring.

I have a bunch of stories I’d like to write about this trip – how Kin and I manage to travel and work and still love each other; how to read a Yelp restaurant review; why “travel rewards” and points systems are bullshit; and so on. But we’re only back home for a week before our Fall travel/speaking schedule picks up again, and I have a bunch of keynotes to write. (I actually get paid to do those, you know.)

In the meantime, here are some of the photos we took along the way. We posted these to the Drone Recovery Flickr account, even though the drone only came out of its case twice. (There’s a story to be written about that too.)

Lake Crescent, August 2016

Cape Disappointment, August 2016

Astoria, August 2016

Ferry - Port Angeles to Victoria, August 2016

Victoria, August 2016

Royal Roads University, August 2016

Nanaimo, August 2016

Ferry - Victoria to Vancouver, August 2016

Vancouver, August 2016

Seattle, August 2016

Friend, September 2016

(I also posted some photos on my personal Flickr account.)



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